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I’m just a down-to-earth, “what you see is what you get” woman. I always have been – and sometimes that’s gotten me into some trouble and caused me to put on mask…as you’ll discover when you read my book. But in the end, I believe that I can connect with you in a real, genuine way that will draw you to the One who has helped me find my genuine self and today live a life in His abundance and joy.

I love studying and searching the Bible. One of my favorite characters, Ruth, in some ways mirrors my own life. She was cut from a different cloth, not really fitting in with her new-found environment but she embraced it head on. She found herself in a foreign land, with people whom I’m sure spoke bad about her paganist ways; she was different. But with all her flaws and pagan ways, she found favor in the eyes of God and through the ups and downs, heartache and pain, loss to gain. She was true to her heart. A loyal daughter, servant and a woman of integrity.

A self-declared serial entrepreneur, I am a writer, speaker, internet show host  and mentor as well as a mother of three fabulous children and grandmother of one amazing little boy. I live and love in the San Francisco Bay Area.






Chapter Preview

Little Miss Church Girl was birthed in California by a fourteen-year-old mother who was molested and impregnated by a fifty-year-old man—a man who just also happened to be the pastor of the church that most of her family attended.

Chapter Preview




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