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Thrive in Your Authenticity – Be Transformed in Christ Jesus!

Welcome to a place where your life can be changed! Here you will learn about my new book to be released end of Summer 2018, Concealed to Sealed: Unmasking the Pain to Transform and Live Your Authentic Life, and you will be introduced to New Beginnings with Lorinda, an exciting, developing ministry that I am planning to launch by Summer 2020.

My life, to say the least, has been an incredible journey of ups and downs, hurts and healing, and everything in-between – but through it all I have learned to be a genuine friend first to myself by embracing my uniqueness and declaring what God has done with my anomaly to reveal my giftedness and bring forth the precious jewel He created me to be from the mire of my obscurity.

As a result, God has equipped me to encourage YOU on how to embrace your uniqueness, enlighten you on what God can do with your obscurity, and empower you to shine as the radiant Hope Diamond He created you to be through YOUR giftedness!

Sound exciting? I hope so. Please take a look around, sign up to receive a personal communication from me when my book is ready for purchase, and to receive other regular insights from my heart to yours.

Let’s discover together the new horizons God has for our lives!






New Beginnings with Lorinda will launch in summer 2019 and will exist to encourage, enlighten, and empower women and men to thrive in their authenticity and be transformed in Christ Jesus.

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Chapter Preview

Little Miss Church Girl was birthed in California by a fourteen-year-old mother who was molested and impregnated by a fifty-year-old man—a man who just also happened to be the pastor of the church that most of her family attended.

Chapter Preview




BE Encouraged, BE Enlightened, BE Empowered And BE Transformed

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