Let’s Get Motivated Part 1

Let's Get Motivated pt.1All of us have dreams of a better life, but somewhere along our journey, these dreams can get buried. When the chaos of everyday life takes over, we may even begin to believe that we’re not capable of achieving our goals! I held on to the notion for many years but nothing could be further from the truth.
This little book will show you how to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit to motivate yourself to pursue your goals and the destiny God has laid out before you, regardless of the challenges life throws your way. It will also give you some great advice on staying motivated throughout your life.
Many of the suggestions are based on those taught by many top motivational and inspirational speakers and authors. They were birth through very humble beginnings. Who knew you could go from the status of janitor, or office administrator to become a successful self-help and inspirational author. Read on to discover these techniques and how you, too, can take advantage of these same principles and gain the motivation to attain a life of purpose and fulfill your dreams.

What Makes People Self-Motivated?

Self-motivated people are passionate about their interests and beliefs. For instance, they could be health enthusiasts who understand why health is crucial to their success. Because they believe this, they do everything they can to be healthy.
Those who are self-motivated are also advocates of discipline. Without this mind set, it’s not possible to follow a regular routine of exercise, a healthy diet, or do anything else which requires daily effort, like working toward the achievement of your goals.

Lack of Energy or Self-Motivation?

It’s possible to mistake a lack of energy for an absence of self-motivation. If you feel too fatigued to act in a motivated way, you may be experiencing challenges that go deeper than self-motivation.
You might be fighting feelings of excess stress, depression, or low self-esteem. These mental challenges compromise your desire to accomplish your goals. You might have a physical reason for your lack of motivation – low energy caused by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or even not enough sleep. The latter was definitely my problem … Yawn!!! 😉
It is imperative that you add nutritious foods and vitamin supplements to your diet, exercising, and acquiring good sleep habits that will help in keeping you motivated. You’d be amazed at how this small adjustment in your routine can go a long way towards increasing your energy. Daily meditation (on God’s word) along with prayer can reduce stress, promote feelings of wellbeing, raise your self-esteem, and increase your energy. I find when I spend time reflecting on God’s word, It draws me closer to him, thus feeling connected to my Heavenly Father and his plan for my life. Remember


Knowing that he has a plan for me motivates me to get up and keep going.

If you find yourself seriously lacking the energy to work towards the fulfillment of your dreams, check with your doctor or other health professional for a regimen that can increase your energy.

Making Decisions

According to Anthony Robbins, our destiny is shaped in the very moment of decision making. A “true decision,” says Robbins, “entails a commitment to achievement.” He advises that no matter what happens, you should stick by these decisions and learn from them whether they work or not. I would add that those principles should be rooted and grounded in God’s word. Remember he knows the plans thus he also knows how best to help you achieve the goals, dreams and desire you have. If they don’t work, seek God’s direction in changing your approach. Note Jesus never took the same route. He went to many places to fulfill his purpose and destiny but he didn’t always do it the exact same way. Be flexible and look for alternate ways to achieve the same goals. Just ensure that it aligns with God’s principals of ethics.
Follow these strategies to make effective decisions that give you the commitment to take positive action toward the life you seek:
1. Avoid making excuses. Excuses for not making decisions or not being able to reach your goals lets you blame your lethargy and aimlessness on the challenges you face in life. Too many others blame past events in their lives for their misery. I know first hand on how I allowed my past to hold me hostage in achieving the dreams I wanted. Your past doesn’t hold your future God does. No More Excuse!

✴ Seek ways to overcome your challenges and those de-motivating blame games will become a thing of the past. Taking action to overcome challenges gives you a new way to continue moving forward toward what’s important to you and it’s extremely motivating!

2. Be clear about your decisions. For example, saying that you’d like to quit drinking alcohol is not a “true decision” because it doesn’t entail a commitment to achievement. When you make a true decision, you’ll decide that you’ll never drink alcohol again. Example: You have friends who every weekend they want to get together and drink. Your decision is to stop drinking so what do you do? Suggest something positive you all can do that doesn’t involve drinking or take the tough road and decline hanging out. Your commitment to stop drinking will empower YOU and give you a sense of relief.

How do you know that you’ve made a “true decision?” If action flows from your decision, you can be sure you’ve made a true decision. If it doesn’t, you haven’t really decided. Once you act on your decision, you’ll set into motion a new cause and effect cycle that will create your new life.

Another example of making a “true decision” is giving your life over to Christ Jesus. Many of us make the decision that we are now believers and desire above all else to follow the teachings of Christ Jesus. But where we must exam our decision is in the commitment we have to Christ Jesus and living for him. Have you made it a point to:

1. Read his word to understand the Love and Abundant life he wants to give you.
2. Have you made a serious conscious effort to follow the word of God to the best of your ability?
3. Make quick decisions and make many. Avoid spending ages agonizing over your decision. Instead, decide quickly or the fire in your belly will go out.
See it’s easy to say it with our mouth but a true decision is followed up with a burning passion and commitment to that decision. Remember, every little decision you make can change the direction of your life the very moment you decide.
The Three Decisions That Will Shape Your Life

1. Decide what your primary focus is for each moment of your life. This will influence your feelings, thoughts, and actions.
2. Decide how your situations affect you. Cut through the chaos and pause to answer this question: How does this situation affect my present and future?
3. Decide what you should do now. This is a most important decision. Don’t be bothered by what others are doing and don’t be carried away by what’s happening around you. If you do, you’re allowing your environment to direct your decision.

Your Beliefs Have the Power To Create and Destroy

Your beliefs have plenty to do with your motivation. If you believe that being overweight is in your genes, you can’t hope to lose weight even if you exercise. If you believe in your capabilities, you can be a hero. If you believe you’re a failure, you’ll fail. I hold to the belief that

I can do all thingsThrough Christ Jesus I can BE and accomplish all that I want to achieve.

CHALLENGE: Look deep within to discover the unconscious beliefs you harbor. Perhaps you believe that all marriages are destined to fail, automobile accidents are waiting to happen, or the efforts of just one individual can’t make a significant difference to the world. These types of beliefs are negative and can severely limit your commitment to the success you deserve.
1. Think of the effect that your negative beliefs have on you. Is it an obstacle to the life you want? Feel the pain. Then replace it with a positive belief that will help you succeed. Visualize and feel this success.
2. Replace your negative beliefs with positive ones by questioning and re-examining your belief structure, thus building up evidence to support your new positive beliefs. For instance, you can think of individuals who have made a difference to the world without help from anyone else.

✴ For example, when Mother Teresa decided to leave the convent and go out into the slums to help the poor, she was alone. But not for long. Her commitment to positive action influenced not only those she helped, but eventually, people all over the world.

Transforming Yourself

The change you seek could be behavioral or attitudinal and requires some amount of re-programming, Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”.

  1. Don’t conform to the negativity that may be from your past or your current surroundings.
  2. Transform your thinking (your mind). God said you are more than a conqueror. You must believe that and fix your mind to believe it.
  3. When you embrace a transformed mind you will then prove to the world all that God said was true and accepting for your life. Christ came that we may have life and more abundantly.

Change can happen instantly. What takes time is getting to this point. For change to happen, you need to believe that you can change this very instant, and that you are the one responsible for your own transformation. You can’t expect others to change you, nor can you blame them if you fail to change. You have to want it and do it!
Here are some suggestions to help you with that transformational journey:

1. Decide what you really want to change in your life. Ask yourself what’s preventing you from change. Remember not to focus on what you don’t want, but on what you do want. Also, ensure you’re not linking pain to making the change, as this can lead to failure since your subconscious mind will want to avoid pain, keeping you from succeeding in the change. Be sure to pray and ask God to help you with this change. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING”.
2. Your desire to change should be urgent. Associate pain with not changing now and pleasure with changing now. The pleasure and freedom you will experience.
3. Here are some questions that induce pain. Feel the pain when you answer these questions:

✴ What will this cost me if I don’t change?
✴ What has it already cost me Spiritually, Mentally/Emotionally, Physically, Career-wise, and in ALL my relationships?
✴ How has it affected my family and friends?

4. Here are some questions associated with pleasure. Feel the pleasure intensely as you answer these questions:

✴ If I transform myself, how will it make me feel about myself?
✴ What will this change help me accomplish?
✴ How will this change make my family and friends feel?

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